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Gpredict Roadmap

This page is not maintained at the moment. Please see the NEWS file instead.

The table below shows achieved milestones and future plans for gpredict. This is a spare time project and no long term schedules are available. Please note that there have been intermediate releases in between the described milestone. These were focusing on bugfixes and minor improvements.

Date Ver Features
Jun 2001 0.1 · Simple Predict clients showing 24 satellites in a table.
· The table could be sorted by any column.
· See screenshot here.
Aug 2001 0.2 · First standalone version, i.e. not a Predict client anymore, thus no more 24 sat limit.
· Uses SGP algorithm form Predict.
· Predict date and time of next pass (screenshot).
Apr 2002 0.3 · Map showing the position and footprint of satellites (screenshot).
· Predict more than one upcoming pass (screenshot).
· Plot detailed pass prediction on polar plot (screenshot).
Apr 2003 0.4 · New satellite database supporting TLE updates from the web.
· Satellite selector presents satellites in a tree.
· Possibility to switch observer location at runtime.
Jan 2005 0.5 · Minimum elevation condition for predictions
· Variable map sizes.
· Works on Mac OS X and FreeBSD, too.
Sep 2006 0.6 · Finally ported to Gtk+ 2.
· Uses NORAD SGP4/SDP4 algorithms.
· Real-time polar view and single satellite view.
· Combine lists, maps, etc. as you whish (screenshot).
· More pass prediction options.
· Much more robust design and implementation.
Jan 2007 0.7 · Automatic update of Keplerian Elements.
· Polar and Az/El plot of upcoming passes.
Jun 2007 0.8 · Sky at a glance prediction utility.
· Simulated real-time and manual time control.
Sep 2007 0.9 · Lots of open bugs fixed.
May 2009 1.0 · Radio and antenna rotator control.
Oct 2009 1.1 · Improved satellite selector.
Oct 2010 1.2 · New layout manager.
· New Event view.
· Satellite tooltips and pass pop-ups (video).
· Lots and lots of bugfixes.
Jul 2012 1.3 · To be written...
TBD TBD · Ported to Gtk+ 3
· App bundle for Mac OS X
· Correctlyimplement interfacing to full duplex radios